Hi, I am Sisca. I am a chemical engineer graduated from University of General Achmad Yani in Cimahi, Bandung, West Java. The concentration of my undergraduate major is anorganic chemicals.


It is really different area with my last job relating to organic matters. I had worked in herbal home industry for 8 years.It is free to ask me about herbs for cancer, high blood tension, acne, etc although I am not so expert. But at least I could share you some of my experience.

herbs hanging isolated on white. food ingredients

The basic principe of health world is a medicine can be a poison and in contra. I think we should consume everything in right amount and not to consume everything in extravagance.


But the main point is a happiness! Cancer is such a burning dynamite. We need to soothe it. The calmness, happiness, and positive mind are the keys to get a healthy life. =)


Currently I am taking a new step of my life. Since long time ago, I have been having deep interest in agrobusiness. Cause of that, I am taking a postgraduate major of Business Management in IPB Business School.


Could you guess my dreamlife? Yes, I want to have a fruit garden or ricefield. I want to stand on the hill and look the spreads. It is really a happiness and peace to be in greeneries. =)


Besides gardening, my hobbies are blogging, cooking, reading, reviewing novels, hanging out, listening to music, jogging, and doing yoga. And absolutely, making new friendships.

I love reading novels which genres are crime, detective, romance, and adventure while listening to music. I prefer listening to pop rock music such the Chainsmokers, My Chemical Romance, Maroon5, Green Day, and Michael Learn to Rock. Cause the guitar beat will make me being in a good mood!

I am painting my life becoming so colourful as rainbow and so happy such dancing comet. =) Thank you very much ^.^



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