Hi, I am Sisca. I am a chemical engineer graduated from University of General Achmad Yani in Cimahi, Bandung, West Java. The concentration of my undergraduate major is anorganic chemicals. It is really different area with my last job relating to organic matters. I had worked in herbal home industry for 8 years.It is free… Continue reading Biodata


Chocolate War

Source : Sumarwan, Ujang, dkk, “Pemasaran Strategik : Strategi untuk Pertumbuhan Perusahaan dalam Penciptaan Nilai bagi Pemegang Saham”, Inti Prima, Jakarta, 2009. Discussed Chapter : Chapter 2 Price Concept 1 : Premium Price, page 45 The video explanation discussing that concept : Hershey’s and Mars were partners, but they competed each other in  chocolate industry. Mars ordered chocolate to Hershey’s for coating… Continue reading Chocolate War